Happiness on our feet!

We’re slowly preparing ourselves and our outfits for the spring. Oh yes, we are! We’re craving some new styles, and that doesn’t exclusively apply to our clothing and lighter outerwear, but also to footwear and, of course, the socks we pair them with. Because our feet deserve to have some fun too!.

Socksss is a brand from Sweden with a sense for unique and refreshing motives. Made in Portugal from an organic cotton blend, these socks provide comfort and functionality in addition to an amazing design. Furthermore, Socksss is a conscious brand, as they thoughtfully claim that mother nature is their number one priority, committing to sustainability principles by researching materials and delivering high-quality, long-lasting pieces.


For the most part, socks are usually the most neglected element in most people’s wardrobes, but in Scandinavian culture, where socks are on display for longer than they are elsewhere, they are a core part of their everyday clothing.

Socksss understand their pieces as “foot garments'', in an attempt to elevate socks to another level. People in Sweden tend to put a lot of thought on the kind of socks they wear and their quality. It is even said that some even start dressing from the feet to the top.


A fun pair of socks can add up an interesting note to an outfit: mixing and matching colors and patterns will be a success, if we find the right allies for our style adventures.

Highly influenced by art, culture and modern trends, wearing a pair of Socksss can be a mean for self-expression. Their classic tennis socks are available in many varied funky designs, including color gradients, checkerboards and squiggly shapes


Treat your feet the way they deserve by showing them some love. Wearing a pair of Socksss will be a great way to invite them to have more fun!

At Trait, we are stocked… and stoked! Come find your Socksss on our physical stores or get them online.