Leaving home in style with DOIY

There’s a moment when life gets especially exciting, which is also one of the best things that adulthood has to offer. That thing is: living on your own.

We may have been dreaming and fantasizing about such moment for a few years already, but when it finally gets real, it all becomes about planning, envisioning our new life and, of course, thinking about the vibe we’d like our new space to transmit.

Neko Vase White - DOIY


The objects that surround us speak about ourselves, and the reason why we like to welcome them into our universe is because they also speak to us in some particular way. 

“Yes, this is where I live now”, we could proudly say, surrounded by a collection of extraordinary pieces with a lovely design and a certain sense of humor.

Creative & Cool Home Organizers | DOIY Design


With DOIY’s unique homeware goods it will be easy and fun to create a space of your own full of visual references and a playful style. Arranging our space with fun little objects will amaze our guests, but most importantly, they will cheer us up on our daily lives.

DOIY’s pieces are bold and original, bringing in unexpected details into any household. They stand out in the living room, the kitchen or any room in the house, resulting in a fun surprise. They are distinctively imbued with a sense of youth and millennial culture, and they speak of a curious personality.

DOIY Design


They are unisex and can be the perfect gift for anyone, anytime: from a breakfast mug, a colorful pair of socks, a corkscrew or a set of stackable glasses, these are all essentials that anyone would love to receive in a nice, original packaging.

Laundry Bag Koinobori - Blue


Inspiration knows no limits: nature, the cosmos, the ancient Greeks, the History of Art… DOIY produces first and foremost objects with a soul, which are often delicate and sometimes even funny and ironic. From the face of Apollo on our coffee table to fun star-shaped boxes with a lid to keep our valuables and even gnomes that open your bottles. DOIY is all about a great sense of imagination!

Taza Brew to Go Reutilizable