Start off on the right foot. Basics for the season

Yeah, yeah, we’re all back and in the mood for adventures! Well, we’ve been here the whole time, but September is bringing in fresh energy and our wardrobes are ready to welcome some new styles as we all go back to our daily lives.

When the season changes, it is perfectly normal to feel confused about what to wear now during this transition period.

We are all about a good ol’ basic piece to start off putting together an outfit. We will never get bored of a classic jean paired with a t-shirt and sneakers, it’s all about the details. The key is, as always, investing in high quality garments.

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Denim is always a great option for every single day of the week, for his and hers, in light blue, classic denim blue or black for more edgy vibes. You can get a lot out of basic clothing pieces depending on how you style them, they are just a blank canvas asking for a great dose of creativity and plenty of character.

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Sneakers are great to walk for miles and get you as far as you want to get. We are feeling really excited about resuming our long walks around the city and our go-to shoes are just as comfy as cool-looking.


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A good backpack to get everything you need to feel ready to go back to work or school. We have some new roll-top models by Sandqvist in store that are waterproof and provide lots of room to carry your laptop and chargers, books, notepads… you name it. They are big, reliable and have a superb design.

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A good computer case is also a must.


And some cool office accessories to give your office a new look.


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Get that beach sand off your feet and update your wardrobe at Trait to enter the season right.

Find more products on our website and stores in Barcelona and buy yourself that cherished piece that will get you going during the autumn.