Today we’re going to talk about sustainability and how to make good purchases that are aligned with this value.

This has been a tragic summer in which we have experienced several fires and unprecedented heat waves due to the increase of global warming. While we are trying to lead more conscious lifestyles and are willing to do some dietary adjustments in order to be more sustainable, there are other options that are in our hands to ease our impact on the planet, such as shopping consciously.

Clothing, shoes and accessories… We all just love them, especially when they have a special allure, a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that makes them stand out from the crowd. But as much as we are into trends, it’s also important to be well informed about what we are buying.

Our philosophy is “shop less, but better”. Schlepping around town a ton of bags from fast-fashion department stores is clearly no bueno for our planet. Consuming, accumulating and ultimately discarding clothes have a terrible effect on our environment since tons of outdated pieces go straight to landfill.

We’d like to introduce the garments from the brand Thinking Mu. Made of comfy and breathable organic materials, and soft and lightweight recycled fibers, their clothing is durable and has a very unique sense of style.


Born in Barcelona in 2008, Thinking Mu is the project of a group of friends who shared a casual and fun approach to fashion. Their vision was also laid on the grounds of “common sense”, as they claim, and this is how they soon became one of the first sustainable brands in Europe.

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Thinking Mu produces all of their garments under the guidelines of fair trade by controlling every step of the production process. This is how they can stay committed to transparency, traceability and circular economy.


Thinking Mu has made great use of these valuable resources. The unique blend of organic materials feels soft and breezy on your skin, plus they have many interesting and colorful styles for men and women.


From airy long dresses to casual trousers, sweaters and fun t-shirts, all these looks by Thinking Mu are sustainable options while they also have a casual style, perfect for wearing them every day from autumn to summer.