“La Piscine” de Jacques Deray es una peli de culto del año 69 que rebosa sensualidad y alegría de vivir.

Art, music and films are the most common sources of inspiration behind our looks.

Who hasn’t seen a movie and thought: “Oh, I’d really like to dress like that character”. The answer is: we all have.

We have picked some pieces from our store to create looks inspired by some of the most iconic summer movies and provide some wardrobe inspo and tips for your to-watch list.

More than a season, summer should be considered a feeling. Think of long sunny days having drinks by the pool, riding a bike for hours and feeling carefree, having endless conversations at night and ultimately falling in love during this magical season.

One of the instant summer classics, albeit a modern one, is “Call me by your name'', directed by Luca Guadagnino and set in Northern Italy in 1983. The main characters, Elio and Oliver, complement each other’s outfits, which usually consists of denim and bermuda shorts, polo shirts and billowy shirts with either short or rolled-up sleeves. Casual, comfy and with a hint of retro preppiness that looks pretty cool.

Denim shorts

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Bermuda shorts

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Polo Shirt

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“La Piscine'' by Jacques Deray is a cult film from 1969 that exudes sensuality and joie de vivre.

But wait, this is actually a psychological thriller, although it takes place in a lavish villa near Saint-Tropez and everybody is just smoking hot. Romy Schneider, Alain Delon and Jane Birkin may seem idle at first, but tension will arise sooner than later.

As the title suggests, they spend quite some time around the swimming pool, and so they always dress accordingly. 

Wearing swimsuits every day? Yeay, summer goals!

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And last but not least, one of the most celebrated films from this year so far: “The worst person in the world”.

Julie’s effortless style, based on simple and relaxed pieces, is simply perfect. A men’s shirt will channel that casual boyfriend look she sports in a scene typical of magic realism in which she runs across Oslo when time stops, while for the occasion in which she meets her partner’s friends, she goes for a more put together look by wearing a cool jumpsuit.

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