Days on the beach

Vamos a la playa, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! We all know how exciting it is to pack a big beach bag with everything you need to spend a day right by the sea. 

Whether you’re planning to spend the coming weeks on the Barceloneta or you’re bound for farther destinations, at Trait we’ve got you covered with our greatest hits for the season.This summer, you can only be right with our best picks for a day on the beach.

First things first: where are you gonna carry all that stuff? We have the perfect solution and it couldn’t be any cuter. This maxi tote by Hay is one of our ‘it’ pieces for this summer. Not only does it look good in the picture, it’s also incredibly functional since it can also be used as a weekend bag.


The Candy Stripe XL bag is another great option; colorful and highly instagrammable, perfect for grocery shopping in style.

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The Weekend Wash Bag by Rains is the perfect accessory to carry your sunscreen, sanitizer, comb and whatever else you may need, even your phone, wallet and other smallies that you’d need to protect from the sand and the water.


It’s time to think about your beach outfit! We have the most special and colorful swimsuits by Samsoe Samsoe for boys and girls.

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And on your feet, the beach version of the classic Birkenstock Arizona Sandals. They’re comfy and suitable to walk for miles.

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Protect that beautiful head of yours! There are no excuses with this cool bucket hat y Carhartt Wip.


Under the glistening sun, a pair of sunglasses by Colorful Standard will come in handy. They have a great variety to choose from, but we also love Monokel and Komono. It’s up to you to decide!

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It’s essential to stay hydrated, that’s why we recommend to carry a thermos bottle by Hay full to the brim with cold water.

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And last but not least, we know that there’s nothing more refreshing after a day on the beach than an iced-cold beer, but before that, get in the shower and cool down with this miracle after-sun lotion and you’ll be ready for the night.