Who loves the sun? Get ready for the summer with our sunglasses, hats and sunscreen lotions

Ba-ba-ba-ba… who loves the sun? Remember this tune by The Velvet Underground? This bittersweet sing-a-long song from 1970 with a catchy melody says it all. We couldn’t be more excited about summer! 

As we get ready for the solstice, heliophiles, sun-worshippers and avid beach-goers will rejoice when they see the selection of specs, hats and sunscreen lotions that we have available at Trait. Get ready for the hottest of the seasons!


Colorful Standard 09 Black sunglasses


Lou Reed and John Cale would have donned these sunglasses by Colorful Standard themselves. You will be instantly back in New York in the 1960s and have “rock’n’roll star” written all over your face the moment you try them on. 

Fagus Sunglasses Rita Row


Wear this pair of sunglasses at all Tomorrow’s Parties to protect your pale blue eyes -or whatever colour they are- while you’re waiting for your man.


Forest Sunglasses by Monokel

A round style like the Forest sunglasses by Monokel never goes out of fashion either.



You will love our selection of sunglasses so much that we see you wearing them from morning till night. Keep them in your pocket in anticipation of a long, memorable night.

And since all styles are unisex, they can be shared at the after-party. 

We also have a selection of hats to protect those brilliant ideas of yours at Trait. Choose your fighter!

Tin Shed hat by Patagonia  for sunny days.

"P.P. Gnome" by Public Possession.

Bayfield  bucket hat by Carhartt Wip. 

The perfect ally for festivals this season.

New in our skincare section. Try our new Standard Procedure sunscreen lotions with SPF30 and SPF50 to look sun-kissed while taking beautiful care of your skin health. A ‘must’ in your beach bag this summer.

And don’t forget about the After Sun with Aloe Vera to feel your skin refreshed after a prolonged solar exposure.



You can start fantasising about sunny days and outdoor fun on the beach and in the mountains. 

Stop by Trait Store or check our online store to shop for the sunglasses, hats and sunscreen that need to be in your backpack this summer.