Keith Haring’s love affair with graphic t-shirts

At Trait, we have a thing for creative figures with unique voices who also use their work as an amplifier to spread a message to the world. That was the case of Keith Haring, an artist who devoted himself to the people and their causes during his lifetime. His career was marked by creating awareness of important world issues, as he was an advocate of the rights of the LGBT+ community and contributed to giving visibility to AIDS. Sadly, the latter was also the personal battle he fought until the end of his life.

With a highly iconic and playful graphic style, Haring managed to introduce a tongue-in-cheek critique of the society of his time in his works, tackling political issues such as the Apartheid system in South Africa or the drug epidemic.

In 1986, he opened a shop where he sold t-shirts, posters and other items showcasing his drawings at reasonable prices. He also painted in subways and on billboards to make his art more accessible to the public.

 Keith Haring was only 31 years young when he died in 1990, at a moment in which he had achieved worldwide recognition and his career was skyrocketing. However, his discourse and spirit will live forever through his important legacy, that still influences creators and brands from all over the world.

At Trait, we have graphic t-shirts that Keith Haring would have loved and would totally wear if he were still among us. He would come to visit us in Sant Antoni, as he was very fond of Barcelona and even painted a mural near the entrance of the MACBA museum in the Raval neighbourhood.

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