What can we say about life in Barcelona? This is a city with a super chill vibe where you can stop and take a break in a bunch of nice places. 

We never get tired of saying how lucky we feel to be in Sant Antoni, the neighborhood that we can call home. We love informal plans, and this area is perfect to meet some friends in the street and hang out around there.

The creation of the Superillas has transformed our hood into a more relaxed and enjoyable area, where we can hang out in the sun, have a snack, play chess or even work in a super pleasant setting outdoors. 

Here are our suggestions for places where you can grab a bite to take away and go to the Superilla in Parlament, or some nice area around our streets.



This expression is as funny as it is legendary. What can we say about it? Their art and culture are the best, the language is fantastic and, of course, their cuisine is quite a delight. Thanks to the people of Naples, we can now enjoy a perfect snack that you can easily eat anywhere.

Pizza d'Autore (@pizzadautore) Pizza is one of the greatest inventions in the history of humankind. At Pizza d'Autore, you will find authentic Roman pizza al taglio, a simple bite with a 100% Italian flavor to take away. They are at 142 Tamarit Street.

Pumarolla (@pummarolabarcelona) They serve their pizza in a round format and also use quality ingredients, just like in Naples, the birthplace of pizza and where the roots of this place can be traced. They have quite a history and delicious dishes. Find them in Ronda de Sant Pau 59


Àrtic Barcelona (@articobarcelona). This is an artisanal ice cream parlor selling Italian desserts. The cherry on the top of the cake after lunch /dinner, or just come straight for the snack you're craving. Holy Cannoli! Incredible textures and colors will be a delight for your senses. Parlament Street, 13

Sirvent (@sirventparlamentbcn). You can choose the format you want to take away, but it will be a tad hard, 'cause they have horchata, ice cream, and handmade nougats that are amazing. A place with history, as they have been serving desserts in Parlament and Balmes since 1928. You will find them in our hood at 56 Parlament, our beloved street.


Takearte (@takeartestreetfood) It's always taco o'clock in our neighborhood thanks to this place that serves super easy and delicious Mexican food. We like simple formats and the kind of food that you can eat with your hands. And if it is with a spicy kick, even better.

Stop by Parlament 24 whenever you feel like it and, of course, come to visit us at Trait, since we are very close and you will likely find some interesting stuff in our stores.