Are we flying to the Dutch capital? Nope, We're headed to CDMX!

On this occasion, we'd like to share the looks of a series we loved about the lives of a group of young artists and their life issues. 

Directed by Gustavo Taretto, Amsterdam is a lot like life, has a very eclectic soundtrack and it's also a treat for the eyes.

Nadia and Martín are a young couple living in La Condesa, one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Mexico City, whose creative ambitions are not always fulfilled. 

The truth is that the life of an artist is hard and, despite being constant, things aren’t going according to plan. 

In addition to that, there's an ongoing relationship crisis that is often fueled by the appearance of other characters: family and friends, old and new crushes, and especially, Amsterdam, a puppy who follows Martín one night on the street and ends up becoming a member of the family.

Nadia is an actress pursuing a career in cinema, while Martín is also trying to do the same in music, alternating gigs with private lessons and playing in a cover band.

From living hand-to-mouth and just taking care of their plants, Nadia and Martín will become the adoptive parents of a puppy that mysteriously appears on Amsterdam Street and will bring them together in a crucial moment in their lives.

The characters in this millennial dramedy ride bikes, eat instant noodles dressed with Valentina sauce, play Beach Boys covers, and always wear the coolest outfits. 


The style of each of them is very personal and casual and always full of pop culture references. That's something you will spot immediately if you watch it because it reveals a lot about the personality and evolution of each character.


The locations of the series showcase incredible corners full of vegetation, as well as the most authentic Mexican underground scene. 


The costumes, the interiors and the soundtrack have something in common: they have been meticulously curated and perfectly merge modern and retro styles. 


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