Are we spring-ready yet? The answer is YES! Bring in all the colours, we like them bold and bright, just like the colour palette of an abstract painter.

At Trait, you can get some of the funkiest accessories to brighten up your house. Find some inspiration in the selection of products from Hay, Octaevo, DOIY and other brands that we have available to get your house glowing.

The home accessories from Octaevo are everything: from candles to incense holders and vases, their design pieces will add an accent to any corner of your home.

Is that a leftover Easter egg or a candle? The Olimpo marbled candle will be quite the eye-catcher in your living room.


Just like the Templo incense holder, a sculptural piece that your guests will admire and ask questions about it. Don’t be so exclusive and tell your friends that they will find it in our store. They should also get some INCENSE STICKS from Pf Candle Co to go with it.




The last thing we want to see is a sad-looking table. Refresh your kitchen cabinet with some pink chubby glasses to enjoy your lemonade or vermouth. These ones from &KLEVERING feature suggestive organic shapes that make for a sensorial experience. After all, spring is a highly stimulating season, right? 


And for those who like sipping their drinks, how twisted are these straws by Hay? Come on, don’t be shy, you deserve to have all this fun. 


If you happen to be inspired by Marie Kondo and determined to go on a spring-cleaning spree anytime soon, these colourful crates from Hay will make the duty more enjoyable. Keep everything under control while adding a vibrant note to your home. Functionality, but keep it fun.


We love pieces that are both decorative and utilitarian, just like this vase by DOIY, with a chic design reminiscing of the 90s. We like to call it bubbly minimalism! Bring some extra cheerful spirit into your interiors by adding some fresh flowers.


At Trait, we can’t get enough of all the colours in the rainbow. Check out the Homeware / Decoration section on our website, or just stop by our store in Sant Antoni to see everything IRL. We’ll be waiting!