Patagonia, activism against climate change

Patagonia is an outdoor wear brand that is a pioneer in sustainability. But they go even further by promoting climate activism with their practices. Recently, its name made headlines in all media outlets when the owner of this iconic company announced his decision to donate 100% of the company to entities dedicated to protecting nature, claiming that Earth is their only shareholder now.

In the last decade, Patagonia became 'trendy' when hype beasts, artists, and influencers also began to flaunt sportswear with their well-known logo, but becoming a popular streetwear brand was never part of the plan, but rather a curious fact that also contributed to spreading the brand's environmental identity.

The company was founded in the early 70s by Yvon Chouinard, a lover of outdoor adventures and climbing who devoted himself for decades to improving the equipment of mountaineers and other sporty peeps alike through the production of clothing and accessories.Always driven by a deep respect for the planet and its communities, the company has always kept its environmental activist compromise.


Patagonia is committed to sustainability by designing minimalist and timeless garments and accessories with recycled materials that emphasize durability, thus promoting informed and responsible consumption.


As people who love nature and being outdoors, producing ethically while also considering emissions, reducing and recycling to the maximum in order to preserve the environment is the most consistent attitude and not exactly the most common in the retail world. Not to mention donating a company valued at $3 billion in order to protect the environment, something quite radical, in fact.


It's been years since we decided to introduce Patagonia in our selection of brands at Trait and we couldn't be any happier. Buying better and more wisely contributes to preserving the planet at a time when every gesture and decision counts.

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