Essentials for dressing like Kevin Parker of Tame Impala.

At Trait, we feel highly eclectic and welcoming of the most varied trends, just like Kevin Parker from Tame Impala himself. The Aussie multi-instrumentalist has a distinctive fashion style; a blend of vintage and contemporary elements that result in very personal looks.

Tame Impala's typically psychedelic sound also inspires the musician's style, incorporating elements and motifs typical of the 60s and 70s: vibrant colours, retro patterns and experimental prints.

Jacket by Edmmond Studios


Plaid shirt 

Rune zip vest by Samsoe Samsoe, perfect for layering 


Retro style font t-shirt by Edmmond Studios

Flared Jeans

Don’t forget about including some fun statement pieces…

…and interesting accessories too.

If Kevin Parker from Tame Impala ever stopped by Trait, we’re sure that he would love our picks for a modern psychedelic look.


Come to Sant Antoni to discover all the styles in our store or check our online shop for more inspiration. And if you happen to know Kevin Parker, and he’s coming to town sometime, bring him around to Trait and we’ll all surely have a good laugh!