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The Design Book
The Design Book
The Design Book

The Design Book

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A "classic design" is an object of industrial manufacture with a timeless aesthetic value. It serves as a standard of its kind and, despite the year it was designed, it is still up to date. The objects in this book, all of which are still in production today, are presented chronologically: each on a single page with a large image and a concise legend, written by one of more than fifty experts in the field of design. These texts provide a historical context, with key information about the development of the design and an explanation of why that particular design is important and innovative.

The book includes not only classic objects created by great internationally renowned designers, such as Breuer, Le Corbusier, Dreyfuss, Eames, Yanagi and Castiglioni, to name just a few, but also pieces designed anonymously, such as the clothing clip, the cover The chair, the corkscrew and the toothpick, which, despite lacking a specific designer, have achieved such perfection in design and functionality that they have eliminated the possibility of improvement. From the clip, to the Alvar Aalto Savoy vase, to the Jaguar E Type, all the objects that appear in the book fill our desks, cupboards, kitchens, wallets, dreams and pockets.

  • Hard cover
  • 512 pages
  • 500 illustrations
  • 163 x 123 mm
  • English edition

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